Human research

The OVPRI Human Research Protection Program provides guidance and resources for researchers and IRB members at Virginia Commonwealth University. We review all research involving human participants to facilitate the conduct of ethical research and ensure compliance with federal, state and institutional regulations. 

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Do I need IRB review?

Learn which activities meet the definition of "research involving a human subject."

What type of IRB review do I need?

Determine which of the three types of IRB review is best for your study.

What policies do I need to follow?

See a list of human research policies and procedures.

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IRB submission deadlines

  • Full board reviews: The IRB generally meets on a weekly basis. Research submissions are assigned to the next available IRB meeting. Assignment of new submissions to a meeting is dependent on factors including the nature of the submission, the quality of the submission and the number of submissions already assigned to that meeting for review.
  • Expedited and exempt reviews: Expedited and exempt research is reviewed on an ongoing basis by a single IRB reviewer. There are no deadlines for initial submissions. Deadlines for review of ongoing studies are communicated via email.
  • Western IRB: Western IRB reviews all industry sponsored research. Please contact WIRB for information regarding deadlines and meeting dates.

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Research volunteers

Interested in volunteering as a research participant? Here are a few resources to help get you started:

Contact (804) 827-2157 or with any questions or concerns.

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IRBNews listserv 

Subscribe to our listserv, IRBNews! The listserv is a place to share information, ask questions about theory or practice, and find out how others have solved the problem you are facing. We also use the listserv to get information out to the research community.