Integrity and compliance

The VCU Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation is committed to the responsible conduct of research and holds its researchers to the highest ethical standards. 

Our Research Integrity and Ethics Program offers professional guidance on integrity and ethical conduct in our research and research-related activities.

Our Division of Research Compliance ensures researchers comply with all relevant laws, regulations, university policies and core values. 

We’re here to answer questions on any aspect of research integrity and compliance. We also provide timely notification of integrity and compliance updates at the federal, state and university level.


Integrity and ethics

Learn about VCU's committment to integrity and ethics in research

Regulatory compliance

Learn how VCU promotes regulatory compliance in clinical research 

Policies and procedures

Search our comprehensive list of VCU's research-related policies

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Compliance notices

OVPRI posts compliance notices to informs administrators, faculty and staff of research-related changes and adjustments to research operations and requirements across the university.

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Standard operating procedures

VCU and VCU Health provide a core set of Standard Operating Procedures for research teams, outlining uniform best practices. SOPs support quality, efficiency and compliance across the entire VCU clinical research enterprise.

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Responsible conduct of research

VCU is committed to fostering an environment of uncompromising integrity and ethical conduct. The responsible conduct of research at VCU is built upon the instructional components of the NIH.

Find relevant policies, resources and contacts 

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Compliance meetings

Committee on the Administration of Research

The Committee on the Administration of Research (CAR) meets bi-monthly from 3-4:30 p.m. in BioTech One, Room 3060. Members are appointed by research deans and directors.

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Research Administration and Compliance Meetings

Research Administration and Compliance Meetings (RACM) are held at least quarterly, alternating between Monroe Park and MCV campuses. All individuals involved or interested in research administration and compliance are welcome to attend. To receive meeting reminders and advance agendas, join the RESADM listserv.